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Do you have contract disputes with your builder? Time, cost,
extras, specification differences?


Does your customer think the contract is different
to what you produced for the job?

Mediation4Builders Highams Park can help resolve these issues for both builders and homeowners without
costly litigation or court. Contact us today

Contract Disputes

Mediation implies a dispute resolution procedure in which an unbiased third individual, who has no authority to force a decision if the parties do not agree to settle the dispute, assist the parties to achieve an agreement by concentrating on the critical issues for a situation, exchanging data between the parties and investigating alternatives for settlement.

How Mediation4Builders Highams Park Help Builders And Home Owners To Settle Disputes.

Contract Disputes – this is where builders and homeowners can’t agree what’s in the content of the contract, costs and other things. Mediation is an incredible form of resolving contract disputes. Any circumstance that would make some way or another have parleyed can be solved. In most contract question the gatherings could profit by mediation. Regardless of whether the issues are so mind-boggling and passionate that assertion or prosecution is inescapable, the problems can be limited by first presenting the question to mediation.

Planning & Building Permission – this is where maybe works have been started and permission not given. Mediation can help settle any disputes that may arise between the contractors and the homeowners by assisting in planning and seeking for building permit.

Time to Complete Project – The time the job has overrun. Sometimes the contractors can be so slow that they take longer than agreed to complete the project. In such cases, mediators can step in and help reach an agreement on how much time the builders should be added.

Additional Work – works that fall outside of the contract. When it comes to works that fall out of the original contract, both parties can turn to a mediator to help come up with an agreement on how the costs will be settled.

Additional Cost – costs that fall outside the contract. Sometimes it can be hard to settle expenses that fall outside the contract. To avoid possible clashes, both parties can turn to a mediator who will then help them reach an agreement on how to settle the costs.

Damage to Property – Damage, to property as a result of works, carried out, etc. sometimes the contractors can damage properties as they build. In case a dispute arises on how the builders will handle the damaged property, they can turn to a mediator to settle the dispute.

Material Dispute – wrong materials used or specified. Sometimes builders can use  the wrong materials to build the house, and a dispute may arise. The best way to settle this kind of conflicts is by contacting a mediator. Court processes can be lengthy and costly compared to a mediator.

Job Not Completed – builder walked off site or homeowner kicking them off the post. Sometimes a dispute may arise between the builder and homeowner that forces the builder to walk off site or the homeowner to kick them off-site. Instead of going to court, both parties can turn to a mediator to settle the dispute.

Specification – the job being done to the wrong spec. A dispute may arise if the builders fail to do the job according to the given specifications. The best way to solve this is by going to a specialist building mediator Highams Park who will then help them reach an agreement.

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